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What are Mini Reefs?

Ocean Habitats, Inc. designs, builds and installs Mini Reefs. Mini Reefs provide a nursery habitat which mimics mangroves to help thousands of native fish grow up. We install our Mini Reefs under existing boat docks in saltwater canals. Mini Reefs provide a home where filter feeders attach to the unit, eat plankton floating by and turn that into food for juvenile marine animals. These animals include crustaceans, such as Stone Crab, Spiny Lobsters, and shrimp, and over 65 species of fish, including Snapper, Snook, and Grouper. Just one of our Mini Reefs covered with oysters, sea squirts, mussels and more filters 30,000 gallons of seawater per day helping to clean our water and help thousands of marine animals reach maturity.

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