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Dock Piling Snap Jacket

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The SnapJacket is the toughest and longest lasting option to preserve or repair aging marine piling.

The SnapJacket’s design makes it very easy to install, keeping dock repair costs to a minimum.

By opening up and easily locking back together, using the SnapJacket does not require you to disassemble any portion of the structure built on top of the piles.

Gone are the days of needing large barges to come in and take apart portions of the dock to replace a single piling.

Piling replacement can be very costly, especially if there is a structure built on top of it, such as a boathouse or boat lift.

Once the jacket is filled with cement, all marine boring organisms that are eating away the inside are instantly killed.

The concrete flows into the voids creating a new solid piling. Using the SnapJacket will help you preserve your piling that are beginning to show signs of aging, and with proper engineering the SnapJacket can even restore a completely broken piling to beyond its original strength.

The concept of jacketing pylons is nothing new, we have just made it affordable to a homeowner for the first time.